'House Around a Pond'

Built by Leone Constructions, the home sits surrounded by carefully measured landscape spaces by Ben Scott Garden Design. As its name suggests, the spatial arrangement of the home is inspired by its muse, the pond. A muted brick formation then encases the central opening, emphasising it as a symbol of composure. The stillness and tranquillity that the open body of water denotes becomes the foundations of the resulting gestures. The connection beyond the built form is expressed through framed views outward, where each room has its own varied and unique relationship beyond the internal home experience.

Interwoven throughout are elements of compression and release, where varying heights play with open and more intimate volumes to subtly hint at scale and functionality, in their own nuanced way. Weighted to its site through the masonry form, the home’s deliberate openings offer an element of balance, adding to the sense of calm. The restraint in select materials together with the use of textured and raw surfaces allows an honesty of space and form to be expressed as its owners and guests move through the spaces. Filled with natural light both from above and through its vertical openings, the spaces become likewise animated in response to climatic changes and at various times throughout the day.

Timothy Kaye
The Local Project