'Madmen House'

Highly contemporary, masculine and materially opulent the design follows architectural curves to deliver a surprising sense of theatre, MAX provides both private sanctuary and lavish vehicle of entertainment.

Countering the usual femininity of a curved line, the execution of the kitchen island is robust with the island’s dark tones extrapolated further through a full wall of black curved cabinetry and curved stone splashback. A sculptural element in its own right, the island is topped with leather granite stone and clad in bronze. Countering the darkness, all cabinets and drawers are internally lit.

The staircase is flawlessly wrapped in the same bronze clad as the kitchen, with its rich materiality it extends the sculptural element throughout and glows beautifully.

The study is subtly modern with vintage furnishings and concealed bar. The bedroom touches on this motif lightly with a highly contemporary take on mid-century form. Here a dressing table and sculptural chair in yellow velvet are paired with a layered mirror to create drama while drawing in light.

The addition of a luxurious cellar and whisky room has been delivered as a dramatic and theatrical engagement and importantly, as a great place to enjoy a drink. Sharing a floor of polished concrete, the floor lit glass cabinets rise into the space as fabulous displays. Cork walls and ceiling are broken by finely lit sections of silvered finish, while discreet details allow the whisky cabinet to be concealed and revealed as desired. Highly detailed the cabinet itself is mirror lined to include a traditional angled top mirror.

Credits –
text by SJB
photography by Nicole England